all pasta dishes made with our homemade sauces and served with garlic toast
            BAKED WITH CHEESE ADD reg. 2.50 large 4.00
BAKED LASAGNE            (regular)    11.25    (giant)    21.50
        and old favorite and seved baked with cheese
FETTUCCINI            (regular)    10.75    (giant)    21.00
        fettuccini pasta with alfredo sauce and mushrooms
ADD CHICKEN            2.50
SEAFOOD PASTA        (regular)    11.25    (giant)    21.00
        fettuccini pasta with alfredo sauce, shrimp and crab meat
PASTA CON BROCCOLI        (regular)    11.25    (giant)    21.00
        fettuccini pasta with bacon, mushrooms, broccoli and alfredo sauce
SPAGHETTI        (regular)    9.00    (giant)    17.75
        another old favorite
BACON CARBONARA        (regular)    10.75    (giant)    21.00
        penne with bacon, mushrooms and alfredo sauce.
PENNE        (regular)    9.00    (giant)    17.75
        penne with your choice of meat sauce, alfredo or rose
ALOHA PENNE        (regular)    11.00    (giant)    21.00
        penne, pineapple chicken, alfredo and bacon